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With more than 10 years of experience in the field of designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinder seals, it is known as one of the top specialized companies in this industry in the world. We use the best raw materials and advanced technologies to produce products with unique quality and performance.Production of seals for hydraulic cylinders is one of our most important activities. Focusing on high quality and precision, we produce products that are resistant to pressure, heat and corrosion and are compatible with hydraulic cylinders of all sizes and shapes.In our company, in addition to the production of hydraulic cylinder seals, we also provide our customers with services such as technical advice, support and after-sales services, so that we can maintain the complete confidence of our customers in our products. andIn accordance with ISO5597 and ISO7425 standards, we are ready to serve the country’s industry by having rubber hydraulic presses, seal lathes and rubber injection presses.

Our Products

Farazmehr Irsa Services


Production and supply of a wide range of waterproof profiles from 4 to 3000 mm

Industrial equipment

Manufacturer of standard seals with different industrial applications


Importer of the highest quality raw material of NBR-FMVQ-FKM-EPDM


Specialized engineering unit in the field of designing rubber parts for use in hydraulic and pneumatic industry 

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Faraz Mehrairsa has more than a decade of experience in manufacturing and designing industrial parts, sealing profiles, a wide range of seals and o-rings according to the industrial needs of the country and has experts and skilled engineers in this field.

 We are proud to be among the suppliers and manufacturers of sealing materials, Isfahan Mobarake Steel Company, Isfahan Iron Smelter, Natanz Iron Smelter, Sirjan Steel and Kish Steel Kaveh Steel, Gol Gohar Industries, Sarchesheme Copper, Shahzand Petrochemical, etc . 

years of experience
Number of different profile archives

Has 10 years of experience in the production of sealing equipment

In this company, we have the experience and expertise to help our customers in the field of hydraulic and pneumatic seals. If you need advice, using our experience and knowledge, we can help you choose the best products and solutions for your needs in the field of hydraulic seals. Relying on our efforts and expertise, we will supply the parts you need and the cost of repairs and maintenance of your factory will be reduced. Be in touch with us

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Our field of activity

Faraz Mehr Irsa is a supplier and manufacturer of sealing equipment in various industries. Also, we can provide all kinds of profiles in different sizes

Aluminum smelting

Steel industries

Oil and Gas


Choosing the type of material is very important according to the application of sealing equipment and physical conditions, cylinder speed, ambient temperature, fluid type. Before choosing the type of profile, the type of material must be determined correctly.


Choosing the right material is one of the most important parts of any industry.

The appropriate material must be determined before selecting the sealing profile.

Increasing the life of waterproofing equipment

To determine and design sealing equipment and ensure its performance over time, it is necessary to analyze the physical and mechanical properties of materials.

Physical and mechanical properties

To determine and design sealing equipment and ensure its performance over time, it is necessary to analyze the physical and mechanical properties of materials.

Compliance with tolerances and standards

Considering the tolerances of the piston, throat, and packing positions and sealing accessories